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Container Interior Dimensions

    So How much room is there?

    Each container offers 34 Cubic Meters of storage space


​Length:    5897mm   19 ft 17 in

Width:     2348mm     7 ft 8.44in

Height:    2385 mm    7 ft 9.90in

Door opening

Width:     2337mm     7 ft 8.01in

We Also Store Vehicles of all types

Motor Homes

We can offer yard storage for all manner of Motorhomes  of all sizes in our Secure Yard 


 Our yard is fully fenced, keypad entry and cctv cameras to help keep your Motor Home, Caravan or boat safe and secure.


Have the peace of mind from knowing your Caravan is securely stored in our facility. No more worrying about driveway or roadside interference.

Trailer Boats

We offer yard parking for your trailer boat.

A limited number of covered sites available

We cater for all types of trailer boats



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